Meet Lucienne Serrat, a Virago woman !


Youth for the world aims to develop a peace culture in Paris’ suburbs but also within the whole continent. In order to do that, they organise trips to the beach or cultural days at the museum for local residents. Also, lots of young people are sent to European countries to discover other cultures and learn languages.

When I’ve asked Lucienne how she thought about founding and be part of the organisation, she told me it came from a personal curiosity at first. This Virago woman wanted to interact with people and meet young people from every culture possible. Coming from a small village in the South of France, discovering other cultures and countries was fundamental to her.

Lucienne has always faced a lack of confidence but volunteering for more then 30 year and helping other people helped her become more confident. She thinks that in our path, we always meet people who believe in us and her husband Jean, is one of them who supported her in all her projects.

Granny Grandpi
Lucienne and Jean, on their wedding day, 1966


Most of the projects Lucienne founded within the organisation came from her encounters with various people facing different problems during the trips she has made.

After travelling to Tunisia, she discovered that many deaf and mute young Tunisians were not included in the community and in their own families because they couldn’t communicate properly. She then invited one of them to Paris for him to learn sign language. This project helped him to get a job at a school back home for him to teach other young people.


Danmark, 1990
Lucienne and young participants in a trip to Denmark, 1990


The latest initiative Lucienne and her organisation launched is one to help young refugees and displaced people to be a part of the community and to be understood by the local residents.

Watch our video to discover the biggest obstacle she’s faced and the advice she wants to give us all !


By Justine Chalabi


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