“If things aren’t going very well… then we’re not at the end yet”- Waithera Sebatindira is a Virago Woman

Waithera Sebatindira – activist, student, first black woman to become Cambridge Student Union’s women’s officer.

Waithera made history when she became the first woman of colour to have ever held the role of Women’s Officer at Cambridge University’s students’ union in 2016.

10420173_299166523626826_7567189947063491757_nAs Women’s Officer, she campaigned on feminist and anti-racist issues on campus and lobbied for women and non-binary students on university committees.

Nominated by Rose Nugee:
” I nominated Waithera for a Virago blue plaque because I think she embodies what Virago is about. I am constantly inspired by her determination to make the world a better place, and by the passion and sheer competency with which she sets about achieving that goal.”

In the two videos below Waithera talks about the difficulties she’s faced personally and how she overcame them.  She also shares her advice for young women and  what her life motto is.

“The biggest difficulty that I’ve ever faced relates to my mental health. During the year that I was the student unions women’s officer, I was also experiencing some relatively severe anxiety and depression…”

Click the video below to hear how she got through it, and to find out what advice she’d give to young women struggling themselves.

Here is Waithera’s life’s motto:

Waithera is currently enrolled in the MPhil in Multi-disciplinary Gender Studies at Cambridge.

Article by Rose Nugee


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