“Kindness helps the world go round!” – Victoria Neumark Jones is a Virago Woman!

Victoria Neumark Jones is an Associate Professor of Journalism at London Metropolitan University. She writes features, reviews and columns for newspapers, magazines and websites, such as the Guardian, Fostercare Network and Slightly Foxed. She also contributes to and copy-edits academic reviews, PR materials and books; as well as contributing to the Association for Journalism Education journal.

She has three important pieces of advice for us all!

The first piece of advice:

“You must put your family first, but putting your family first means providing for your family, so it’s an endless juggling act.”

The second:

“I’m not any wiser than anybody else, but I would say, be kind to your friends, because you need them to be kind to you.” 

And lastly:

3) “At work, don’t make your condition an excuse. Do everything so that people think you’re as competent as you are; make them believe it! It’s terrible if people give you things because they feel sorry for you, it just makes you feel worst about yourself.”

Hear Professor Victoria Neumark Jones sharing the biggest obstacle she’s had to face and her life philosophy:

By Abigail Opiah


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