Who was Dame Maud McCarthy? Chelsea history

You’ve heard of “The Lady of the Lamp” Florence Nightingale, heroine of the Crimean War. But have you heard of the legend that is Dame Maud McCarthy?

Australian-born Dame Maud McCarthy was the most senior nurse during the First World War and before that, she was awarded the King’s and Queen’s medals as well as a special decoration from the Queen for her efforts during the Boer War (1809-1902).

After the outbreak of the First World War, Dame Maud McCarthy left for France and was appointed Matron-in-Chief of the British Armies in France. This meant she was in charge of over 6,000 nurses.

Her efforts put her right at the heart of the First World War on the Western Front. She was awarded the Florence Nightingale medal in 1918; the highest achievement received by a nurse.

Watch the video below to see more of this brave woman!.

Dame Maud McCarthy is commemorated with a blue plaque in Chelsea. If you’re in the area why not check it out yourself!

The address is

47 Markham Square, Chelsea, London SW3 4XA,

By Abigail Opiah and Folayemi Olorunselu


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