Who was HD: Hilda Doolittle? Camden history

Blue Plaque commemorating bisexual trailblazing female poet H.D. - Hilda Doolittle, a feminist inspiration. Plaque is in Camden
The blue plaque that commemorates feminist poet H.D., Hilda Doolittle. We think Hilda Doolittle is a truly inspirational woman, if you’re in Camden and looking for things to do why not check it out!

Hilda Doolittle is one of the 13% of London’s blue plaques that feature women, and she was pretty incredible.

A feminist, a bisexual, a trailblazer.

Find out more about HD’s life, and her work as a poet, translator and author with this short video

which features pictures from HD’s own scrapbooks.


HD’s plaque is in Camden- see the plaque for yourself at

44 Mecklenburgh Square, WC1

Feeling inspired? Want to read some brilliant poetry by women? You’re in luck, check out our very special analogy of inspirational poems for and by Virago women, from Rupi Kaur to Sylvia Plath by way of Adrienne Rich. There’s something for everyone – check it out here.

If you liked this post, you might also like our tribute to the poet, author, feminist and civil rights campaigner Maya Angelou, who would have been 90 years old this year. Check it out here.


By Rose Nugee


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