“Your tomorrow will always be better than your yesterday” – Pastor Lydia Khalil is a Virago Woman


We nominated Pastor Lydia Khalil for a Virago blue plaque! She is a qualified integrative counsellor with many years of practice and a member of British Association of Counselling & Psychology. She is an ordained minister who is a vocal supporter of equality for women in all aspects of life and believes in the old adage that says “educate a woman you educate a nation”.

A page from the book ‘Unique Insights’ which Pastor Lydia Khalil was a contributor

She is also the Honorary Treasurer and volunteer representative of Brent Bereavement Services, a charity occasion which provides counselling for bereavement adults and children and also provided support and counselling for the victims and families of the 7/7 terrorist attacks in London.

She runs a successful private counselling practice. She has also gained a wide range of experience working in Social Housing for several years across diverse boroughs in London. She started and ran a lone parent group in her local church which opened up opportunities for her to work with other church groups as well as charitable organisations.

Hear the biggest obstacle Pastor Lydia Khalil had to face. Are you a single mum? She has some advice for you…

By Abigail Opiah


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