Why we need a project like Virago

cropped-27973267_1225546557578148_8379343175539895329_n1.jpgA Woman’s Place?

This year #timesup and #metoo have exploded into public debate, reigniting a discussion about gender inequality. But even though there is a lot to celebrate, 100 years on from women winning the right to vote, there is still so much more to be done. Virago are joining the fight, focusing on tackling the lack of respect and recognition for women.

40% of people in Britain think that women have had less impact on history than men.

 A study done by English Heritage found that a shocking 40% of people believe that women have had less impact on history than men.
Here at Virago we know that isn’t right.  Something has to change. This is a blog of inspirational women, recognising the work that they do.

Women only make up 13% of London’s Blue Plaques

We’re profiling the women commemorated on London’s blue plaques to boost
recognition of the impact women have made on history.
But only 13% of over 930 English Heritage blue plaques in London feature women. So we know this alone doesn’t go far enough. As well as promoting the women who have already been commemorated with blue plaques, we’ve also come up with our own blue plaque scheme.

Virago blue plaques

A blue plaque made by virago, recognising the contribution women make to our society
Everyone knows an amazing woman. We are recognising them with our scheme.
We know that women make a massive contribution to our history, to our society, and to our daily lives. Not all inspiring women are suffragettes and scientists, but that doesn’t make them any less phenomenal or any less deserving of recognition.

We are giving our own blue plaques to women who deserve recognition and we want you to help us by nominating the inspiring women in your life.

By Rose Nugee


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